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my step father part1

My Father Everyone has a father. My father is of middle height. He is stout and severe looking, with keen expressive eyes. On first sight you may feel he is hard to approach.

My father 我的父亲 我有一个奖罚分明的老爸,他长着一头乌黑光亮的头发,一双炯炯有神的眼睛,两个月牙似的眉毛,体型偏胖,看上去十分和蔼,可他就像电视中的包

My father and I are good friends. We often talk to each other when we are free. My father can always give me good advice. " Like father like son". My father is generous and

Hi, my name is Cindy. I have a good father. I like him very much.My father is a policeman. He is tall and strong. He looks very cool in the black police uniform. He works in the

My father is forty-three years old. He is a teacher. He works very hard. He always wears a yellow coat and a pair of blue trousers. He like doing sports and he likes basketball

My Father My father is a kind man. He is not very tall but he is a man of perseverance. He works very hard and his services are highly appreciated. My father is a man of

my fathermy father works in a large company. he is very busy on weekdays, but he stays with me on weekends. he says he loves my mother and me, so he works that busy to earn us money. i love my father too, and his biggest wish is that i can go to university. so i will study very hard to make us a happy family.

My father is a XX(填写职业),he works hard everyday.In my opinion,he is so tall that he can protect us from any trouble.He is always amiable to me.I have learnt very much from him.He is a hardworking man,he often helps my mother with housework.I love him very much.I think he is the best.

My father is a teacher.He is a middle-aged man. He is always full of energy. He teaches math. He's very strict in his work. He corrects the students'exercises very carefully. In

my father I have a nice father.He has short curly black hair and big brown eyes.He is tall and thin.He likes telling stories to me,and it's often makes me laugh,of course,he is

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